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  • Antiproton — (p ) Klassifikation Fermion Hadron Baryon Nukleon Eigenschaften Ladung −1 e 1,602176462 · 10 19 C …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • antiproton — ANTIPROTÓN, antiprotoni, s.m. (fiz.) Antiparticulă a protonului. – Din fr. antiproton. Trimis de ana zecheru, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DEX 98  antiprotón s. m. → proton Trimis de siveco, 13.09.2007. Sursa: Dicţionar ortografic  ANTIPROTÓN antiprotoni …   Dicționar Român

  • antiproton — [ ɑ̃tiprɔtɔ̃ ] n. m. • 1956; de 1. anti et proton ♦ Phys. Antiparticule du proton. ● antiproton nom masculin Antiparticule du proton. antiproton n. m. PHYS NUCL Antiparticule du proton. V. antimatière …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • antipróton — s. m. Antipartícula próton, mas com carga elétrica negativa. • [Brasil] Plural: antiprótones ou antiprótons.   ♦ Grafia em Portugal: antiprotão …   Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa

  • antiproton — antipròtōn m <G antiprotóna> DEFINICIJA fiz. antičestica protonu od kojega se razlikuje suprotnim predznakom naboja ETIMOLOGIJA anti + v. proton …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • antiprotón — m. Fís. Antipartícula del protón …   Diccionario de la lengua española

  • antiproton — [an΄tī prō′tän΄; an΄tēprō′tän΄, an΄tiprō′tän΄] n. the antiparticle of the proton, with the same mass as the proton but a negative charge …   English World dictionary

  • Antiproton — Negaton redirects here. For the negatively charged particle in an atom that was once called a negaton, see Electron. Antiproton The quark structure of the antiproton. Classification Antibaryon Composition …   Wikipedia

  • Antiproton — Antiparticule Cet article fait partie de la série Mécanique quantique Postulats de la mécanique quantique Histoire de la méc …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Antiproton — antiprotonas statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. antiproton vok. Antiproton, n rus. антипротон, m pranc. antiproton, m …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • antiproton — antipartticle an ti*part ti*cle ([a^]n t[i^]*[aum]r t[i^]*k l), n. (Physics) A fundamental particle which has the same mass as one of the common fundamental particles, but which has an opposite charge, and for which certain other of the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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